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Telephone service
With landline service from Georgetown Telephone, your calls will be clear and uninterrupted, and you'll easily be able to find that phone when you need it. We offer four calling plans based on your lifestyle and needs.

Basic Local Service:
Cost: $22.65 Residential and $22.65 Business per month
This is the fee that provides a customer with the ability to make and receive calls.
This fee also ensures the customer’s number is included in the local directory, is included in directory assistance (except non-published numbers), and provides equal access to long distance providers.

Georgetown provides the following telephone features to residential customers. Business rates are available upon request.
Available Features Monthly Cost
Automatic Call Return or Automatic Recall*69 $4.00
Call Block $4.00
Call Fowarding Variable $3.75
Call Waiting $3.75
Caller ID $7.00
Customer-Originated Trace - per use $4.50
Direct Number Privacy: Non-Published or Non-Listed $1.50
Distinctive Ringing $4.00
Repeat Dialing $4.00
Selective Call Rejection *60 $4.00
Speed Calling $2.00
Three-Way Calling $3.75
Unidentified Call Rejection $4.00

Long Distance Service from Georgetown Telephone
Plan - Pricing Description
USA Calling Plan
Unlimited anywhere in the U.S.
• One flat rate, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
• .05 cents per minute for residential and business customers
• Same rate for in or out of state calls
• No lock-in contracts
• Better value than non-local providers
• Great price savings with bundled packages
• No dropped calls
• No fuzzy connections
• Call any U.S. city at any time
Mississippi Calling Plan
Unlimited Long Distance
anywhere in Mississippi