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About Us

Mr. W.J. McCardle was given approval by Georgetown city officials in 1908 to construct and offer telephone service within the Town of Georgetown. The McCardle family operated as the McCardle Exchange until the system was bought by Joseph (Abie) Miller in 1961, who organized the Georgetown Telephone Company. The Georgetown Telephone legacy continues under the management of his son, Joie Miller.

The first central office switchboard equipment in Georgetown was a 70 line Kellog Magneto manual switchboard, and for long distance, the company used one system of a Kellog K-21 carrier with open wire lines. Over the years, the company was able to convert its telephone system from the outdated party-line service, to a system that offered all of its customers one-party service, completed in 1988. In 1995 Georgetown received a loan from the USDA Rural Utilities Services to completely rebuild its outside plant, install a state of the art Digital Central Office, and construct a new business/central office.

Georgetown Telephone is constantly upgrading equipment and software to increase the speeds and reliability of our high-speed broadband service, this includes fiber optic cable used to connect our customers to the internet as well as our routers and servers to ensure we are providing quality service to our customers. Improvements to the network have continued every year.

Georgetown Telephone is now part of the Signal Telcom Partners family. The Signal Telcom Partners companies operate independently, maintaining their local brands, management, customer service, and most importantly, their sense of community. Georgetown Telephone continues its commitment to the communities to provide their customers the highest quality communication services and keep them connected to the world.